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hi..everybody,,,i just wanna tell you that my work has been printed now and ready to be bought,,,

you can buy here
detail work Little Town

this t-shirt tells about a little town. I was inspired by my hometown which has animals, buildings; roads; romance; outgrowth and many secrets in my little town.
this design printed on AA Organic Cotton

Limited Edition ,, so if you interested in this tshirt..just buy it soon..,,ok

thank you so much..

special thanks for allmightys crew for choosing my design in a special selection.


Hello, we are on Wow Indonesia Super Artz issue 02
on Wow Indonesia 02

You can download it in here
or just click download link

Thank you for WOW team for use our artwork be come background on this e-zine…
This ones great e-zine in Indonesia…
Congratulation and keep support local designer Indonesia!

Thanks for downloading and please tell it to everyone 🙂

Print On Badashell

Hello my friends,
Story of The Elano Print on Badashell Clothing
please cek this out HERE
and buying so cheap guys…

Detail Artwork on Story of The Elano

Available for Mens and Girls
Print Specs
For guys we’re using American Apparel’s 2001 Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt and for girls we’re using their 2102 Fine Jersey Short

Sleeve T. This is a preview of what the shirt will look like but the actual shirt may vary slightly.



Hello everybody, we are mumolabStudio. We are come from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It’s mini studio but have big dream with you. It’s studio build since 2006 and still more learning with something new.

MumolabStudiO works focuses on print based media and we love make a apparel design. We are highly motivated and have a great passion for the work that we do. We would be grateful if we could participate in your project. We like make some artwork and submit to Electronic Magz.

Rayi Christian Wicaksono is mumolabStudio’s owner. He is 21 year old. Now, he make some project with mumolabStudio for clothing company on America, Scotland, Australia, Indonesia, etc.

Why with us? cuz, we will do the best for you…