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Hello everybody, we are mumolabStudio. We are come from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It’s mini studio but have big dream with you. It’s studio build since 2006 and still more learning with something new.

MumolabStudiO works focuses on print based media and we love make a apparel design. We are highly motivated and have a great passion for the work that we do. We would be grateful if we could participate in your project. We like make some artwork and submit to Electronic Magz.

Rayi Christian Wicaksono is mumolabStudio’s owner. He is 21 year old. Now, he make some project with mumolabStudio for clothing company on America, Scotland, Australia, Indonesia, etc.

Why with us? cuz, we will do the best for you…




    • anakostco
    • Posted PM00000020000001831 2,2008 at 2:47 pm
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    WE ARE? Woww…
    sapa aj tuh di mumolabStudio? boleh ikutan gabung gak nih, di mumolab, gile euy kliennya banyak dari luar smua, bagi2 dong, hahahaha

    anyway, sukses trus deh buat mumolabStudio

  1. wah..
    mumolab juga sip! mainya sama orang luar.
    stay brut on the link!
    thanks mumo

  2. yups betulll
    ku temene radit.
    salam kenal aja.
    udah tak link situ…
    makasih yaw….

  3. nice to know u man!
    btw, kayaknya wktu di FS dah pernah contact ya?

  4. wah om mummo keren2 kaosnya 🙂
    aq link ke bloglist ku yak.

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