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Hello, we are on Wow Indonesia Super Artz issue 02
on Wow Indonesia 02

You can download it in here
or just click download link

Thank you for WOW team for use our artwork be come background on this e-zine…
This ones great e-zine in Indonesia…
Congratulation and keep support local designer Indonesia!

Thanks for downloading and please tell it to everyone 🙂



  1. keren no…
    tur koq stok lawas..
    kakehan gawe kaos koq kw….

    DI ne endi??


  2. no…. editke fotoku……
    males je mung gambar2 aneh ngono…

    • anakostco
    • Posted PM000000120000005431 2,2008 at 12:01 pm
    • Permalink
    • Reply

    weleh sangar tenan kie, desainere terhandal sejogja, mantap pisa lahhh

  3. sudah saya link bos, thans 4 visiting!

  4. Mau nanya…

    Gune software ape dong hasil magazine nyer???

    Tolong email aku yaa…

    Magazine nyaa… Baguzz..

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